Best Selling Dog Food Online In India

If you are looking for the good quality food for your pet dog with high quality from the best brands then below are the 2 top brand dog food I have listed which you can choose from to buy from

Royal Canin Maxi Junior Dog Food (4 kg Pack of 1) Price: Rs. 1,700

Puppies of large breed dogs like German Shepherds have a longer growth period as compared to dogs of smaller breeds. As a pet owner, it is crucial for you to ensure that your German Shepherd puppy is fed his required dose of nutrients each day. Assisting you in charting out the perfect diet plan for your hunk of a dog is this Royal Canin maxi junior dog food.

Royal Canin Maxi Junior Dog Food(4 kg Pack of 1)

Packed with the wholesome goodness of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals, this dog food from Royal Canin promotes healthy bones and skin in puppies of large breed dogs.

Enriched with calcium and phosphorus, this food contributes to your puppy’s bone and joint health.

Containing patented antioxidant complexes and manno-oligo-saccharides, this food also improves a puppy’s natural defenses.

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Pedigree Adult Chicken, Vegetable Dog Food (3 kg Pack of 1) Price: Rs. 424

The perfect balance of nutritious elements of that of meat and vegetables, this dog food from Pedigree is specially formulated for your adult dog.

Pedigree Adult Chicken, Vegetable Dog Food(3 kg Pack of 1)

Enriched with omega 6, vitamin E, proteins, grains and prebiotic fibres, this dog food maintains a balanced diet and improves his strength and vitality.

This food is designed in such a way that your dog finds it easy to chew it, and this is especially beneficial to older dogs.

Feeding this to your dog will improve his digestion, the texture of his skin and coat, and also strengthen his bones and teeth.

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