Mamy Poko Pants Diaper – Large(52 Pieces)

If you are looking for your your little baby to stay dry and happy without the discomfort of wetness using these Mamy Poko Pants Extra Absorb diapers.

With an easy-to-wear diaper pants-style design and up to 12 hours of absorption, these diapers will take away your concerns about diaper changing.

It has maximum absorbent capacity to pulls away the wetness and the quick dry layer locks it inside the diaper to keep the baby’s skin dry.

The soft elastic will be gentle on your baby’s bottom and keeps the skin fresh, while also offering a snug fit.

The no-tapes design and side seams that can be torn open will be convenient for your while changing diapers. If you are buying in the bulk diapers your would get lot of discount in the prices – below list i have given for 52 pieces

Mamy Poko Pants Diaper - Large(52 Pieces)

List Price: Rs. 699
Selling Price Rs. 636 9% OFF
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Our Price: Rs.544

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Mothertouch Wonder Cradle

If you are looking for a cradle for your new born baby and baby has to sleep on safe and comfortable for your precious baby. Also wants keep away the insects or mosquitoes then this cradle provided with net as well the chain.  Mothertouch Wonder Cradle that promises to keep your baby safe and cozy in it. This is very much portable and easy to carry while travelling. It can be easily folded for storage. It has the washable cover which can be easily removed and washed. This also has  PVC mattress which, along with being soft, is waterproof and easy to clean. One important feature of this cradle is has the safety lock facility in the cradle, you can place your baby in the cradle and work without any fear of your baby getting hurt or toppling down.

  • Important Features of Mothertouch Wonder Cradle
    • Compact Folding for Storage
    • Cradle with Safety Lock
    • Safe & Comfortable Space for Baby
    • Easy to Remove, Washable Cover
    • Includes PVC Mattress
    • Sleep Better and Grow Faster

Mothertouch Wonder Cradle

List Price: Rs. 2,200
Selling Price Rs. 1,650 25% OFF
(Free delivery)

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