Infantino 4-In-1 Convertible Carrier – Light Grey on at just Rs 2765

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Price:      INR 3999

Sale:      INR 2765

You Save   : INR 1234( discount: 31%)

Infantino 4-In-1 Convertible Carrier - Light Grey on at just Rs 2765


Traveling for new parents could be one of the tedious tasks one has to go through while they have a toddler at home, but are left with no choice but to carry the baby everywhere. To buy groceries from the supermarket, while making a long trip, and even when  commuting is not precisely pleasant yet the infant’s safety is your first preference, then feel free to have a look at the striking deal now in offer on

Not only the convertible carriers available in multiple variants, the features also considerably change, and so does the price.

The minimum weight recommendation is around 4 kg

The maximum weight recommendation is around 14 kg

Padded head support for the baby.

Narrow seat position could be used to give comfort for infants, and can easily switched to wide position, without compromising on comfort, as the baby grows.

Smart design.

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Your baby will love it.

Webby Kids Play Tent & Playhouse Indoor/Outdoor Playhouse for Boys and Girls (Multicolor) now at just Rs 1299

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Price:      INR 2599

Sale:      INR 1299

You Save   : INR  1300( discount: 50%)

Tent Playhouse Indoor Outdoor


We ,as adults, can’t seem to stop complaining about the nasty addiction of video games , or cell phones, children have gotten into. We are very well aware that illuminated, radiant, screens are , without a shadow of doubt, harmful to everyone. Be it kids, or grownups.

But, children would be more than happy to have a proper distraction if adults could be a little innovative with what they buy for the kids to spend their time.

Easily foldable and portable, play tent or play house would be an outstanding purchase the children would thank you for.

Not only will the kid be outdoors ( indoors also, if preferred) playing like a happy bunny, but can easily mingle with children, and pets. The child will not only learn to get outgoing, but will have the right dose of physical activities doing the jumping, and leaping, and staggering along the whole playhouse, in the most harmless way , of course.

Recommended for kids above 3 years of age.

Ideal place not only to play, but also to relax.

No assembly required.

Made of plastic.

No battery required.

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Kothari Full Sleeve Solid Boys Sweatshirt on at just Rs 899

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Price:   1999   INR

Sale:      899INR

You Save   : INR 1100  ( discount:55 %)

Kothari Full Sleeve Solid Boys Sweatshirt on at just Rs 899


Making children wear winter wears is a child’s play to parents if what they want the children to wear is convenient, gives the necessary  warmth, and makes them feel restful.

Kothari Full Sleeve Solid Boys Sweatshirt on is just what you need this season.

These are available in eye-pleasing variants, and also for children from the age of 7 to even 12+ children.

The fabric is cotton blend and is 100% authentic.


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