Gala Spin with Easy Wheels Wet & Dry Mop

If you are looking for the best mop, then you need to understand what is the best mop, mop that  has
to wringing out excess water.

Gala Spin with Easy Wheels Wet & Dry Mop

It should has  tall handle for the taller users and atleast 54 inches and it should has sturdy constructions. It should has good mop head size to clean your clean which should be 6 to 8 inches

Also needs to look on the ongoing costs, we also have to look on the replacement pads, cleaning solution; Gala is the best brands in the mop areas it has the Key Features of Gala Spin with Easy Wheels Wet & Dry Mop
•Special Cleaner to Remove Dirt and Clean Refill Effortlessly
•Micro Fibre Refill with Super Absorbent Capacity Offers Superior Cleaning Performance
•Super Spin System which Makes Drying Refill Faster
•Spin Mop with Wheels which Helps Carrying the Bucket from One Place to Another Comfortably

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IFB Eva Aqua VX 5.5 kg Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

If you are looking for the front loading washing machines and IFB is the best brand in the front loading machine which as new model IFB Eva Aqua VX 5.5 kg is best in this class where it has the below features
•Control Type: Fully Automatic
•Load Type: Front Loading
•Washing Capacity: 5.5 kg
•Color: White
•Dimensions: 59.8 cm x 87.5 cm x 50.6 cm
•Washing Method: Tumble Wash

IFB Eva Aqua VX 5.5 kg Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

This washing machine give your clothes the wash they deserve and It has an Aqua Energie feature that reduces the hardness of water so that the detergents are more effective, resulting in clean clothes.
This is a special in-built aqua filter that treats hard water so as to improve the performance and life your washing machine. The filter breaks the bi-carbonates in water and reduces them to crystals. This makes the water soft and allows the detergent enzymes to dissolve better in the water for a more efficient wash.

Eco-friendly liquid detergents dilute easily in water and are best for those who have sensitive skin, as it causes no irritation. This washing machine comes with a liquid detergent dispenser which allows you to store your liquid detergent.

This is a special water system with nozzles which circulates the water in the drum in a 360 degree motion. This allows the detergents to dissolve in water completely and penetrate the clothes deeper for a cleaner wash.

If your wash load is unevenly distributed, the machine will automatically re-distribute the load so as to balance it inside the drum. The machine will start and stop during each cycle to balance out the load.

Have you ever put your clothes into the washing machine and realized after it had started that you had more clothes to put in? With the IFB Eva Aqua, you can add clothes to your load even after the wash cycle has started.

This washing machine comes with a crescent moon shaped pattern on the inner drum to protect your clothes during the washing cycle. The water curves up in a ‘swoosh-like’ pattern, preventing your clothes from hitting the walls of the steel drum.

This washing machine comes with an additional cover at the bottom to protect against any damage caused by rodents.


Onida 5.8 kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

IF you are looking for the branded fully automatic top loading machine then onida 5.8 kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine is the best fit for you due to it makes washing clothes easy and simple

Onida 5.8 kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine
•Control Type: Fully Automatic
•Load Type: Top Loading
•Washing Capacity: 5.8 kg
•Fuzzy Logic: Fuzzy Logic Enabled
•Color: Grey
•Dimensions: 52 cm x 53 cm x 90 cm
•Washing Method: Plastic Pulsator

  • This fully automatic top loading Onida washing machine features has anti-rust fibre body and stainless steel inner drum for durability. The long-lasting castor wheels make it easy to move this washing machine.
  • This washing machine has a capacity of 5.8 kg, making it ideal for bachelors and couples. The Star Drum of this washing machine provides a quality wash without damaging clothes, while reducing water consumption. The Water Saving feature stores excess water from rinses which can be used for other purposes such as floor cleaning.
  • Wash smaller quantities of clothes such as undergarments or sportswear efficiently with the Quick 23/Quick 25 feature. The Twin Lint Filter helps to remove the dirt from the water, thus providing a clean and perfect wash always.
  • With Fuzzy logic, this Onida washing machine senses the conditions within the machine and adjusts the settings accordingly so that you get the best results. Moreover, this washing machine offers 10 wash program types to suit your washing requirements.
  • This Onida washing machine consumes 325 watts of power to efficiently wash your clothes and deliver the best wash results

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If you are looking for the double door refrigerator then LG is the best brands in the refrigerator world.

It has double door refrigerators that are effective in retaining the freshness of food with four-way cooling system.

It has 4-way cooling system ensures uniform cooling inside the fridge to all compartments and it cools in the lesser time. Also It had the humidity controller ensures the fruits and vegetables stay fresh for a longer duration.

LG moist balance crisper comes with a special latticed-typed box that controls the moisture in crisper to ensure the freshness of fruits and veggies.

You can make more ice cubes with the help of double twist ice tray. The anti-bacterial gasket eliminates bacteria and fungi.

LG Double Door Refrigerator

Price : Starts from Rs 16000 On wards

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Rallison Jumbo Roti Maker

Is made up of both the plates have Greblon Gamma non-stick coating. The Greblon Gamma layer is absolutely safe, durable, and gives a smooth finish.

The non-stick coat allows and does not stick to the plates. Hence it is easy to clean.

When the roti maker is powered/energized, it is signaled by a pilot lamp which emits red neon light. It takes less than 20 seconds to achieve thin, fluffy, oil-free rotis. A knob is provided to lift the top plates effortlessly.

Its has good engineering safety standards. A thermal fuse is available to break the circuitry in the event of thermal failure. Under such circumstances, the mains indicator light is automatically turned off. This smart technology saves conventional fuel and works on electricity. Freeing your stove or induction, it lets you cook other essentials simultaneously.

Rallison Jumbo Roti Maker

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