Top 10 Best selling birthday gifts online India

If you are looking to buy the birthday gifts for your son, daughter or your friends son or daughter and do not know which one to buy and scratching your head on identifying the choice of the gift. Do not worry you are in the right place where I have tried to pick the best selling birthday gifts online india which you can choose from the below items

Shengshou Mirror Cube (1 Pieces) Price: Rs. 200

If you are looking to buy the brain teaser toys for kids are a great way to learn and develop math and logic skills with a dash of fun. Give your child this Shengshou Mirror Cube which is packed with challenges. Playing with this amazing brain teaser helps in the development of logical reasoning capabilities, thinking skills and problem solving skills.

Shengshou Mirror Cube

This is designed with smooth surfaces, this cube can be easily and quickly turned without much effort.

In addition, this brain teaser is made of good quality plastic material to ensure long durability. Also, this cube is designed with stickers for an appealing look.

When your child solves this brain teaser, they should make sure that each side matches perfectly.

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Dimpy Stuff Couple Bear – 20 cm (Beige, Pink) Price: Rs. 319


Bring a smile on your child’s face by gifting them this adorable Dimpy Stuff Couple Bear.

Dimpy Stuff Couple Bear - 20 cm

This amazing Couple Bear is extremely cute and huggable. Your kids will surely carry this plush toy everywhere they go in their arms and also snuggle with it while they sleep.

This soft toy is safe for kids as it is made from eco-friendly material and does not harm the skin.

Soft and furry, this cute couple soft toy will become your child’s best companion and lighten up your baby’s mood on their cranky days.

Keeping your child’s safety in mind, this soft toy is made from non-toxic material.

You do not need to worry about it getting dirty as it is machine washable and easy to maintain

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Dimpy Stuff Teddy Bear – 42 cm (Beige) Price: Rs. 549


Bring a smile to your loved ones face by gifting her, this cute teddy bear from Dimpy Stuff.

Dimpy Stuff Teddy Bear - 42 cm(Beige)

Bringing  this adorable and huggable teddy bear will brighten up your loved one’s mood in a jiffy.

It is safe and does not cause allergy as it adheres to the norm of the American & European standards.

Your child will love this soft and furry bedtime companion as it is always there to lend a ear for their deepest secrets and stories.

It is machine/home washable and hence easy to maintain.

Made from quality and eco-friendly material, this stuff teddy bear is crafted to perfection with love and care.

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Toyhouse Three Wheel Skate Scooter (Green) Price: Rs. 524

A fun and active way of keeping your kids entertained and healthy, this Three Wheel Skate Scooter from Toyhouse is a must-buy.

Toyhouse Three Wheel Skate Scooter

Constructed from high quality plastic and metal to enhance its durability, this skate scooter is attractively designed to impress your little ones.

Keeping in mind the safety of your kids, this scooter is smartly designed with a wide foot plate to give better stability and control.

The handle enables your kid to get a firm and comfortable grip during the ride.

Your kids can use the basket in the front to keep their toys or other items.

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Barbie Salon Stylist Price: Rs. 789

Your little girl can enjoy the wonderful world of salon styling with this Salon Stylist set from Barbie. Complete with fashionista doll and all the pieces and accessories that a genuine and amazing stylist needs to create those awesome and trendy hairstyles, this set is all your little one needs.

Barbie Salon Stylist

Seat Barbie on the pink swivel chair and get to work by styling her long beautiful blonde hair in amazing and trendy styles. It is a great opportunity to get creative and have fun.

This very realistic salon comes fully equipped with all the hair essentials, including a pink swivel chair, hair dryer and straightener, hair curlers and clips. There is also a big and small hairbrush, hair extensions that include coloured streaks, a yellow bow and a hairband. The set includes a pink shimmery dress for the Barbie doll.

Ideal for little girls above the age of 3 years, this salon stylist set helps with role playing development, which increases your child’s cognitive abilities.

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Hot Wheels Gift Pack Price: Rs. 749

Add to your son’s collection of toys by buying this smart, stylish set of cars from Hot Wheels.

Hot Wheels Gift Pack

These 1:64 scale, die-cast models are safe to be used by children. Designed in bright colours and finish, all cars will attract your kid’s attention. This pack also includes one Exclusive Decoration car to add to your son’s delight.

Gift your child the ultimate fun with speed, as he launches these cars into action.

This pack of Hot Wheels cars make a perfect gift for anyone aged 3 years and above – whether a kid, or an adult who is an ardent collector of cars.

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Hot Wheels 4 Car Pack Rs 319

Hot Wheels 4 Car Pack
Min Age: 3 yrs
Skillset: Motor Skills
Type: Cars
Material: Die Cast

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Modelart 3.5 Channel Digital Proportional Helicopter (Red) Price: Rs. 1,198

Encourage your child’s desire to spread her wings and explore the heavens by sending her outside to play with the Modelart 3.5 Channel Digital Proportional Helicopter.

Modelart 3.5 Channel Digital Proportional Helicopter

This delightful helicopter toy is sure to inject some excitement into playtime and kill boredom.

Ideal for kids above fourteen years, this digital proportional helicopter features precision flight and with the help of the remote its takeoff and landing can be easily controlled.

This marvel is powered by battery through USB charging.

The metal body frame makes the toy resistant to the crashes that are bound to happen with the first flight.

This cool helicopter will give your child an entirely new perspective on the fascinating world of aeronautics and help in the development of cognitive skills.

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Funskool Rubiks Cube Price: Rs. 389

Watch your children work their brain to a whole new degree of challenge with this exciting Rubiks Cube from Funskool.

Funskool Rubiks Cube

The compact dimension of 3 x 3 inches makes the cube easy to play with and is easy on the hands.

The rubik’s Cube offers a platform for the arrival of extensive combinations and permutations that simultaneously encourage your children’s logical thinking abilities.

As your children adroitly handle and manipulate the Rubiks Cube by twisting, turning and arriving at similar colors, they will enhance their hand-eye coordination skill to a great extent.

The cube is designed in eye-catching colors and has a structured design for easy handling.

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Simba Krrish Mask Price: Rs. 69

Simba has designed this stylish Krrish Mask for the little fans of the Bollywood super hero Krrish.

Simba Krrish Mask

Ideal for kids aged four and above, this attractive Krissh mask is a great gift for kids to make them feel like a superhero or better inspire them by rewarding for accomplishing a task.

This quality product is safe for kids and comes with an elastic strap to adjust to any head size you want. It does not hurt the skin and is child friendly.

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