Top 10 Craft Kits in India 2021 – Review and Buying Guide

Top 10 Craft Kits in India 2021 – Review and Buying Guide

In every school, craft work has become compulsory for the cultural development of the child. It also checks the child through new and skillful ideas brought in the form of creativity. It includes quelling works, crayoning, molding shapes from clay and sand, sticking, card-making, etc. These things really work in the development of child and enhance their capability to create using innovative skills.

Here is the list of top 10 craft kits in India which will allow you to decide the best kit for child’s school project keeping his/her safety in mind. Moreover, you can also gift them to show your appreciation and blessings on the way of their creativity.

Top 10 : Ekta Active Sand

Ekta sand is the squeezable sand for making incredible shape and models. It is especially produced for children to stimulate their creativity through fun-making ideas. It never dries out and is gluten-free. It is soft and stretchy which can be easily cleaned.

Ekta Active Sand

This is made from non-toxic plastic material which is safe for kids. However, the recommended age of the child is more than 3 years. It is easy to mould and model. It is durable and completely reliable for children.

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Top 9 : SYGA Party Props Marriage or Party Theme Paper Craft Item

It is a package of 16 party props for photo booth and other exciting games in parties. This value pack is especially prepared for birthday parties, wedding parties, holiday parties, graduation parties, family reunions, etc. They are multi-colour props for fun photos.

SYGA Party Props Marriage or Party Theme Paper Craft Item

This pack is easy to use and is safe and durable as well. It can be stored easily to be reused. It has safe division design. The package comes along with dual tape glue to make it safe for children. It is compatible to all age groups.

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Top 8 : Quill On Jewellery Pliers

It consists of side cutter, round nose plier and chain nose plier. It is designed for fine and precise work which requires less pressure. All three pliers are light weight with easy grip. It is ergonomically designed to be used for long duration.

Quill On Jewellery Pliers

All three pliers are specifically designed for different purposes. They can be very helpful in making quilling earrings and designer approach jewellery. They are perfect at making precise turns and loops. They cut the wire at the exact position. They can be really very helpful in creating new quilling jewellery bringing delightful and fashionable designs.

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Top 7 : Ekta Active Sand Castle Play Kit

This pack contains multi-color sand made from premium quality material. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes. It is easy to be cleaned. Age recommendation for this product is more than three years. There are tools provided along with this package to create castles using sand. Other structures can also be made through this.

Ekta Active Sound Castle Play Kit

It is non-toxic and harmless product for children’s craft and fun making. It is skin friendly and it helps in hand and eye coordination. It can be the best gift to your child on his/her birthday. It excites them and enhance their creativity.

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Top 6 : Quill On Quilling Tweezers Tools

It consists of set of two quilling tweezers which includes fine tip tweezers and self closing tweezers. It is great at working with minute designs with great precision. It is perfect handling, positioning, assembling or gluing and also useful in removing coils from other quilling tools like quilling board, border buddy and quelling comb.

Quill On Quilling Tweezers Tools

This uniform self-locking tweezers is very helpful for enhancing precision and neatness. It comes with epoxy covering for a sturdy, durable, long-lasting and super attractive look. It is an essential tool which every crafter have.

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Top 5 : Art and Craft Felt Kit for Girls – Little Fashionista 3-in-1 DIY Fun Activities for Girls Ages 7-10

It consists of 5 exciting DIY activities and 1 recipe for the age groups more than 5 years. This pack can be used to make DIY owl felt pouch, floral headband and girl power bracelet. It is especially packed for joy making of girls.

Art and Craft Felt Kit for Girls - Little Fashionista 3-in-1 DIY Fun Activities for Girls Ages 7-10

Through this craft kit, children learn to discover and explore new ideas in them. This activity let the imagination set on fire. It is the best arts and crafts activity box. It is important for engagement and development of girl child.

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Top 4 : SARTHAM, Fashion Craft – 6 in 1 Activity Boutique, Age 5+

This 6 in 1 activity box ensures creativity, hand skill and concentration of child. These things are useful for making paper quilling jewellery, bracelets, glam hair and para bands. There are variety of beads, strings and other things which can make gorgeous fashion accessories.

SARTHAM, Fashion Craft - 6 in 1 Activity Boutique, Age 5+

This product let the child develop new and exciting ideas for the creation of colourful and beautiful bracelets, parabands, necklaces, rings, hair styling accessories and many more. It checks the creativity and fantastic ideas developed by the child.

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Top 3 : Ekta Jewellery Boutique

This product includes modest fabulous acrylic beads in different design and colour. It is suitable for children of age 5 years and more. It also consists of necklace clasps, bracelet, fish hooks, ear hooks, and beading wire.

Ekta Jewellery Boutique

All the instructions are given with this set to hook up the creativity and imagination of the child. It is very exciting kit which allows you to create your own designer jewellery. It is wonderful for making beautiful and colourful creations.

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Top 2 : Magicwand DIY Art and Craft Punch Kit for School Projects

It consists of 12 pieces of multi-colour punch kit which is especially designed for school projects. These designer punches are ideal to create lovely clear embossed patterns with interior cutouts on greeting cards, envelopes, memory books, scrapbooks, gift paper and many more.

Magicwand DIY Art and Craft Punch Kit for School Projects

It is the beautiful DIY craft kit for fun making and memory making. It can be used for making projects and other decorative work. It is designed keeping children in mind. It is easy-to-use and safe.

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Top 1 : Udhayam Quilling Kit

This is the best quilling kit containing big board, moulds, small crimper, border buddy, comb, coach, needle and paper strips pack. It is compatible to children of 7 years and more.

Udhayam Quilling Kit

This pack contains really valuable and wonderful articles that can be used in creative and fine quilling works. Moreover, the material is safe but somehow some precautions should be taken in handling tools. It is the best product as it is highly durable and reliable.

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To upgrade your child’s creativity level, you can buy these products. They are affordable and made with care for the safety of children. They are also liked by many people in India. So, take your first step towards the creativity of your child by buying one of them.

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