Top 5 Best Selling Laptop(Toys) for your kids in Amazon India Online

If you are looking to buy the laptop(toy) for your kids, using these laptops you can learn the basics of  numbers, letters, identification skills, among others, in a fun way.

Nowadays the Kids are more inclined towards technology can be given an advanced kid’s laptop or a robot.

If you wanted to give the best quality laptop toys for your kids or gift to some one of your friends kids at the at reasonable prices. I have listed the best quality laptops (Toys which you can choose from below list

Quinxing Laptop with 30 Activities

Quinxing Laptop with 30 Activities
The cost of this laptop for sale is  838.00 + 125.00 Delivery charge Cash on Delivery eligible
Inclusive of all taxes

This laptop has great features of 30 in 1 stylish super-slim, talking educational laptop with, a functional mouse
Using this laptop encourages kids in learning English, Mathematics, games & music

Below are the some of the key features supported by this laptop toys

Vacabulary & Grammer

1. Missing Letter
2.Spelling Correction
3.Scrambled Word
4. Extra Letter

5. Anagram


7. Antonym

8.Flash Memory





12. Division

13.Completing Equation

14. Smaller/Larger,

15.Numbering Logic






20.Dance to Music

21.Music Maker Games & Amusement
22.Keyboard Typing

23.Typing Practice


25.Tower of Hanoi

26.Shape Puzzel

27. Discovery

28. Tic-Tac-Toe




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PraSid English Learner (Red)

Price: 549.00 FREE Delivery.Details
Cash on Delivery eligible.
PraSid English Learner (Red)

Prasid English learner kid’s laptop with 20 activities. This english learner laptop encourages creative learning in your child.

Your kid learns new words, goes through spelling test and learns to identify the pictures with names. A laptop shaped english teaching toy with an inbuilt lcd screen, sound instructions, key pad and mouse control gives your child an exposure to computers. It has an auto shut-off mechanism which helps save battery.

It has three levels of difficulty. It is easy to maintain. It is made of durable child-safe plastic that does not break easily. It is also easily cleaned using a damp cloth.

Packed in individual colour box.

Step 1 – learn alphabets, alphabets recognition and pronunciation, write capital and small letters, find the letter, (it will speak out the letters- which the child needs to punch in).

Step 2 – learn words, learn spelling and pronunciation, spelling test. Identification of pictures find the word.

Step 3 – learn numbers, learn the correct pronunciation and spelling of numbers learn to write the numbers, numbers identification (visual), number identification (verbal).

Step 4 – learn musical notes, play melodies, play musical notes. Recognize musical notes (visual and verbal).

Step 5 – play games, catch falling objects, find the matching pair, star shooting, draw a picture.

Note: Battery not included.

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Ben10 English Learner (Green)

Price: 515.00 + 150.00 Delivery charge Cash on Delivery eligible.

Ben10 English Learner (Green)
Helps in alphabet recognition & pronunciation, spelling test, identification of pictures etc.
Interesting visuals promote easy comprehension
Suitable for gifting to your Ben10 fan
it displays time in digital mode which can also show the date and month on pressing of a button

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Laptop Education Learning Toy Compact

Laptop Education Learning Toy Compact

Price: 261.00 + 60.00 Delivery charge Cash on Delivery eligible.
Inclusive of all taxes

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