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If you are looking to check the blood pressure in home for your parents or wife or kids, You need to spend too much money going forward. You can get the BP Monitor very good and as well decent cost. Check your blood pressure in the convenience of your home with the BP Monitor. This monitor is especially useful for people who cannot frequently visit the doctor to check their blood pressure.

Omron Bp Monitor

The Omron BP Monitor features an LCD display and can be easily operated with just one-touch. The monitor simultaneously displays your systolic and diastolic blood pressure, and pulse rate.

Indicators & Measurement Range

0-299 mmHg
Pressure Range
Pulse Range
40-180 beats/min

The BP monitor comes with a hypertension indicator – a heartbeat symbol will blink on the LCD screen if the diastolic or systolic pressure is outside the normal range. Pressure can be measured up to 299 mmHg and pulse can be measured between 40 to 180 beats/minute. The machine can also detect body movements and irregular heartbeats.

This BP monitor is capable of 1 memory function – it records the last reading. So, you can take a look at your previous reading before you check your BP the next time.

It is a good BP monitor for home purpose. It provides approximate readings as per oscillometric method. Since many oscillometric devices have not been validated, caution must be given as most are not suitable in clinical and acute care settings but is good for home purpose.

HEM-7120 comes with Cuff size, M (22-32cm). Please note it is essential that the cuff size is correct: undersized cuffs may yield too high a pressure; oversized cuffs yield too low a pressure

Adapter can be also be used instead of 4 AA batteries.

All these type of BP monitor requires to be calibrated periodically(2 years) to maintain accuracy.

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